Message from Amir Singh Pasrich, Founder & Managing Partner, I.L.A. Pasrich & Company

Welcome to our website! If you become a regular visitor here, you should slowly see this evolve into an informative and useful internet resource, on some uncommon aspects of law. The site has modest beginnings, but as with all great projects that begin as human dreams, it is my dream to offer discussions, debatable issues, esoteric content and analysis of commercial legal developments. The firm (now called I.L.A. Pasrich & Company) as a collective, is privileged to have participated and contributed to India’s commercial litigation and corporate landscape since its inception. Publicity and media disclosures are not our forte, but we do enjoy being sought out by new esteemed clients and experience their continuing loyalty. At a baseline, we take pride in adhering to a stringent Code of Ethics that stand for delivering high standards, accurate advice, purposive solutions, efficient dispute management and more, where we aim to offer fine drafting, based on international standards.

With several governments, multi-national organisations and airline companies as our clients, it is no surprise that our lawyers maintain a quality commitment, with tremendous belief in our role as responsible members of Indian society. We offer no short cuts that circumvent the merits of the law, and have always believed that only truth must prevail, Satyameva Jayate!

I welcome you to visit our website not only to source information, but also as we develop content, that presents legal aspects and our analysis of the law. We will regularly place new articles, legal precedents and updates as information tools for our clients, friends and the occasional web browser. These will cover topics generally taken from our core practice areas (there is a tab for this above, but you can also click here

We intend to offer value through some specialised information, but we also offer a word of caution, the information may not always be universally relevant and the legal content may not be considered as a substitute for accurate legal advice, we offer no assurances by way of this website.

The firm prides itself on being transparent, maintaining confidentiality, which we guard zealously (even when our clients’ employees find us overly cautious), keeping our own relationships defined. Each client accepts our Terms of Business and these can be accessed through this website to a page that requires either a one time password, or a file reference. The Terms and an elaborate file opening form, help to secure the transmission of advice and confidential information as safely as possible.

Our past record speaks of one all-India related legal change for women, but we look to the future to make a difference through voluntary work, financial and academic contributions and more with your help. If you have information of an interesting legal conundrum, a serious violation of human rights or a statutory inconsistency that you would like to tell us about, please e-mail us at

If you’d like to connect with us, get to know our legal team and perhaps instruct us, please call at +91-11- 41012000 and feel free to schedule an appointment with me, or fix a time for a conference call. Our after office hours number is +91-9818249584.

Warm regards,
Amir Singh Pasrich